It takes a great pleasure when people speak fluent English with right choice of words, correct pronunciation, admirable body language and proper grammar. BOON ENGLISH HUB has designed and developed the best spoken English course and life skills sessions in a psychological way which helps you to feel English language and connect it with your day to day lives.

BOON ENGLISH HUB was founded in 2001 by Lt. Soniya Maheshwari Sharma. We feel glad that our family of successful students and professionals keeps expanding. We have simple definition of our success……

“When you succeed, we succeed.”

With an extreme eager  heart and a keen desire to see young lives being transformed, Soniya Maheshwari Sharma has been involved with training and teaching students of every age group, professionals as B.Tech, M.Tech, B.Pharmacy, CA, Dr., Entrepreneurs, home makers, school goers and so on.